Simple Tips for Outdoor Fall Decorating

Simple Tips for Outdoor Fall Decorating

Decorating outdoors for fall is just as fun as decorating indoors. The key is to think of the outdoors as being a continuation of indoors. It’s the first thing people will see and by decorating the outdoors to compliment how you’ve decorated indoors makes it feel cohesive. Below are some helpful and simple tips to consider when decorating an outdoor space. Keep in mind, color, texture, layers and lighting.

Color – Color is a key element in transforming any space, whether indoors or outdoors. Ask yourself what colors are you drawn to for fall? If you’ve already begun to decorate for fall indoors, take a look around and see what colors you’ve chosen, that will help guide you in determining what colors to use outdoors for a cohesive look. Remember, don’t stress over getting caught up in certain colors that are deemed “fall colors”. The goal is to decorate any space in such a way that resonates with you personally, so you feel a connection to it, that’s always most important.

Texture – Texture brings a lot of visual interest and character to a space. There are many different types of texture to choose from. When decorating outdoors for fall, whether you’re using pumpkins, flowers, wreaths, the list goes on, just make sure that you’re choosing pieces that will hold up to the weather.

Layers – When you layer decor it adds an element of coziness and visual interest. When decorating outdoors, layering pieces makes the space feel warm and welcoming, it draws a person into the space making them feel engaged and connected. Choose from a vast array of choices, just keep in mind that layering pieces in groups of three is visually appealing to the eye. Mix and match decor textures and heights to give unique visual interest.

Lighting – Ambient Lighting is an important visual element to use not just indoors but also outdoors. It really transforms a space, making it feel cozy and inviting which is important when decorating your outdoor space. It’s a way of communicating “Welcome” even before you open the door. Think portable lanterns, string lights, faux candles. Just make sure whatever you choose is outdoor friendly.

Remember, decorating outside for fall is all about extending your indoor fall look outside to make it feel continuous and connected. The goal is to choose colors, textures, layers and lighting that resonates with you, that you feel an emotional connection to. By doing so, you’ll create an inspiring, warm welcoming feel for all that come to visit and that’s what decorating is all about.

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