Simple Ways to Create a Thoughtful Tablescape for the Holidays

Simple Ways to Create a Thoughtful Tablescape for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to gather around the table not only to indulge in delicious food but also in the company of others who have traveled near and far to spend this special time together. Creating a tablescape that is both functional and meaningful is the best way to create a unique, warm and inviting place for everyone to gather. Below are some helpful tips to help you get started. 

Color - The first step in creating a tablescape or the holidays is to decide what colors you’re drawn to. What colors do you tend to lean towards for the holidays? This step could be as easy as incorporating colors you’ve already chosen to decorate your home with for the season or if you’re not quite sure, look for things to draw inspiration from, whether that be going outside, going online or looking through magazines or books, whatever sources help you in deciding your color palette. This step is very important because it’s the foundation for everything else that is to follow. Try and stick to three colors mixing in different shades and tones of those colors.

Layers - Once you’ve decided on your color palette, the next step is to incorporate layers. Adding layers really elevates the look and feel of any space. Think about it, when you look at a bare table, it feels sterile, it doesn’t give off any type of emotion. However, once you start adding decorative elements to the table, it really begins to take on a completely different look and feel. Start by asking yourself what type of table covering do you want to use? Do you want to completely cover the entire table or just a portion of it? There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to table coverings. Try out a few until you get the right feel for the one that will work best for you. To also help this process, ask yourself, do you want the main color focus to be on the table covering and then accent with more neutral decor pieces or do you want your table covering to be neutral and your decor pieces to be the accent of color. Either way will look beautiful, refer to your color palette for guidance.

Textures - Texture is really crucial in designing spaces. It makes a space come alive giving it unique visual qualities. When designing your tablescape, think about what different types of texture you want to incorporate into your look. Think about the holiday and what types of textures you’re drawn to. Think about textures in terms of smooth, bumpy, rough, soft. Think about incorporating natural elements mixed in with unexpected textures, such as velvet for example. Mixing and matching different types of textures is key in creating a visually unique looking space.

Lighting - Lighting really helps to set a mood and is a big component in creating ambiance. Using candles, lanterns, dimming the lighting, really helps in creating a comfy, cozy and inviting feel. It makes people feel relaxed and that’s especially important when decorating your tablescape. You want to create a relaxing environment where everyone feels comfortable and at ease. The whole point of design is to create something that looks visually unique but that is also functional. 

Music - Music is another important ambiance element, it can really up the overall mood and experience of a gathering. Remember, the goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere, so the music you choose should project that as well. Think about music that everyone can kick back and relax to. Think of it in terms of music that “makes you feel good.” Make a playlist beforehand so that way on the special day you can just hit play and sit back and relax.

When it comes to creating a tablescape for the holidays remember color, layers, texture, lighting and music. Those five elements are key to creating a unique, functional and meaningful tablescape. Have fun trying out different looks and remember whatever you choose, those who gather around your table for the holidays will appreciate the extra time and effort you put into making the day extra special.

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