Tips to Create a Simple Cozy Space for Fall

Tips to Create a Simple Cozy Space for Fall

As we get ready to head into the cooler season, decorating for fall allows us the opportunity to bring that warm cozy feeling into a space. It’s where we can be creative and inspired by the change in season and showcase those beautiful elements within our home. While we eagerly await with anticipation for the new season to begin, I wanted to share with you a few simple elements to keep in mind that will easily help transform any space for fall, think color, layers, texture, lighting and scent.

Color – Think about what colors you’re drawn to for fall. What colors give you that warm cozy feeling? Deeper rich jewel tones or soft and muted neutral tones? Take a look around at your existing color scheme, this will help you in deciding what fall colors to incorporate. The goal isn’t to change your existing color scheme, there’s a reason you’ve already chosen the colors you have, they resonate with you and that’s most important. Simply choose colors that will accent what you already have.

Layers – Layering decor pieces is key when trying to achieve a cozy look. It gives a ton of visual interest and makes the space feel warm and inviting. For instance, by simply adding a comfy throw on a chair or textured pillows on a sofa, it elevates the cozy feel, provides visual interest and creates a warm inviting feel. Keep in mind that layering in sets of three is visually appealing to the eye.

Texture – Adding texture to a space really helps a room come alive, think of it in terms of personality. When you mix and match textures, it really helps elevate the overall visual interest of the space. Don’t forget about plants and flowers, whether real or faux, they definitely bring beautiful texture into a space while adding a natural organic feel.

Lighting – Lighting really helps transform the mood of a space, think ambiance. When you walk into a soft lit up space, it feels cozy. Think candles (real or faux), portable decorative lanterns, or any type of soft lit lighting fixture. There are many choices to choose from that can help make a space feel comfy and cozy and that’s what the feel of fall is all about.

Scents – When you walk into a space and it smells really good, you want to stay and enjoy the enticing aroma. Think about what scents you’re drawn to for fall. Filling a room with a great smelling scent can be achieved in various ways, lighting a scented candle, using a wax warmer with your favorite scented wax melt, making a stovetop potpourri, these are just a few of numerous ways you fill a space with a great smelling scent, choose whichever way works best for you.

Creating a warm, cozy and inviting feel to your space is a great way to celebrate and enjoy the new season. The goal is to have fun while you’re decorating and let the beauty of fall inspire you.

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