Winter Decorating

Winter Decorating

As we begin to settle into winter, creating indoor spaces that are comfy and cozy while showcasing the beauty of the season is the perfect way to feel inspired and uplifted. Below are some ideas to incorporate when decorating for this time of year. 

Faux Pine Tree - Not just for the holidays, adding a faux pine tree to your space decorated with warm white lights gives such a cozy wintertime feeling.

Bottlebrush Trees - Added to a table or mantle, these trees give a unique vintage style look to any space beyond the holiday season.

Faux Fireplace - Create a warm and cozy look to your space by creating a faux fireplace. Use real firewood and faux candles to help create the look. 

Tree Branches - Add bare tree branches to a vase to create a visually unique and organic winter look.

Seasonal Scented Candles - Add seasonal scented candles (Balsam + Cedar) to your space that remind you of winter. 

Faux Candles - Using faux candles is a perfect accent to any space that creates a cozy feel.

Lanterns - Using lanterns gives any space a cozy vintage look.

Organic Faux Garland - Use as a layering piece to accent a table or mantle.

Organic Faux Wreaths - Whether hung on a door or on a wall, wreaths add a charming touch to any space. 

Cozy Textured Blankets - A thick warm and cozy textured throw blanket looks great displayed on a sofa and is perfect for cuddling up in, on those cold winter days and nights.

Seasonal Wall Art - Adding seasonal wall art makes a beautiful accent to any space. Choose artwork that you feel resonates with you for a beautiful wintertime look.

Remember, decorating for winter is all about incorporating colors, textures and scents that remind you of the outdoors. Creating spaces that feel warm, inviting and cozy is the best way to celebrate the beauty of the season.

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